Man Caught With Human Hands in a Polythene Bag in Ijero Ekiti

A young man was apprehended yesterday with two human hands in a polythene bag in Ijero Ekiti area of Ekiti state.

A suspected yahoo boy identified as Nifemi Opeloyeru, has been nabbed with two freshly barbecued human hands in Ijero Ekiti area of Ekiti State.

It was gathered that on Monday, a robbery gang sent a letter to the town that they were coming to rob the residents, and due to that message, police officers and plain-clothed detectives have been patrolling round the town to stop and search anybody suspicious.

It was during this stop and search process that the suspect identified as Nifemi Opeloyeru was found with two human hands.

It was reported that the suspect initially claimed that he found the two hands around Okemesi Ekiti and was looking for an herbalist to sell them to. He later confessed that he planned to use the hands for money ritual.

He has since been arrested and is helping the police with investigation.


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