Lawmakers Won’t Go Against Party Decisions – Yemi Adaramodu

The caucus of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the House of Representatives will not go against the decision of the party leadership on power sharing between the six geo-political zones, Yemi Adaramodu has said.

Adaramodu spoke in Abuja at the ongoing induction programmes for newly elected members of the National Assembly   where he said the ninth Assembly would not experience the mistake of the outgoing Assembly because the conditions of the two periods are different.

Adaramodu, was Chief of Staff to the Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi between 2010 and 2014 explained that the party has learnt a lot of lessons from the emergence of the outgoing leadership of the National Assembly.

He said: “I am very confident that we will not have a repeat of the past on the emergence of the leadership of the National Assembly this time around.

“It is whatever the party leadership says that all of us will abide by. It is the party that has the mandate and chooses us to hold the mandate on their behalf, so it definitely where they are going that we will go.

“Though in politics, you hear stories and nobody has ever come out either privately or publicly that wherever APC is going, I will not go there from within APC.

“So everything is conjectural and I want to take it like that. So our party is very supreme and for me like others, it is dictate of the party that we will follow”.

Adaramodu said more than ever before, lawmakers have reasons not gogainstbthe party decision on the sharing formula, adding, “APC has evolved from members  that see themselves from the prism of the groups they came from to firm APC.

“It was the fixation to the former parties by those members  that led to the clamour for position which eventually led to where we found ourselves today.

“However since then, almost four year later, the party has metamorphosed and we have all come to identify with the party, leaving  where we came from behind us.

“Another critical factor is, we have come to realise that it is pertinent to subject ourselves to party discipline and supremacy because it is the party’s platform we all used to project our aspirations for elective offices.

“None of us, no matter how powerful or big or handsome  has his photographs on the ballot papers while we were contesting, it was the party’s symbol that was there.

“Moreover, unlike before, the leadership of the party really took matters of candidates very seriously this time.

“Periodically, at intervals before adjourning the election, they were always in contact with us, asking after our welfare and challenges and giving us the encouragement we needed.

“That really counted for something.

“For these reasons, everyone of us will subject ourselves to the party and it’s decisions”.

According to the lawmaker from  Ekiti South West/Ikere/Ise/Orun Federal constituency, members of the party in the House are ready to resist scheming from the opposition to wrest control of the House from APC by staying true to the logo of the party.

Saying that scheming to manipulate new members by the opposition would not succeed, the lawmaker added, “A stick of broom cannot sweep, that is why the bunch can achieve much more by being together, even at that the bunch can not achieve much without the rope that ties it.

“That is why we are determined to be united and not allow cracks within our rank. This is what will assist us in deploying strategies to win over members from other parties,” he added.


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